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Tankless water heaters

Water heaters might not be on top of your conversation list, but saving space, money and the planet might be. So, tankless water heaters are definitely worth thinking about – and talking about – at your house.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are a space-saving, money-saving upgrade to your plumbing system that is worth talking about as you create the home of your dreams. Whether you’re building or remodeling, going tankless can be a wise upgrade for your home or business.

Traditional water heaters work by holding a tank full of heated water ready for whenever a faucet is turned. The tank holds the water at a continuously heated temperature, which means you are using power day and night. While you can impact your savings by the size of the water heater you use and the temperature, you can change the whole game with a tankless system.

A tankless water heater works differently to bring you the hot water you need ONLY when you need it. Here’s how a tankless system works: the heating element of a tankless system is typically located near the fixture using the water, such as near the dishwasher or the bathroom shower. The water flows through the heating element, either gas or electric, then through the appliance or fixture.

The savings can really add up because the water does not need to be maintained at a heated temperature. Tankless water heater systems are most effective for homes that use up to 41 gallons or less of hot water daily. This is an average of 2-4 people. However, tankless is certainly an option for larger families by installing more heating elements.

Are There Any Cons to a Tankless Water Heater?

The initial installation of a tankless water heating system is more expensive than bringing in a tank for a traditional system. However, with the monthly savings of power to heat the water, the space saved by eliminating the big tank and the environmental effect of only heating water on demand, the tankless system could be priceless in savings.

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