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If you notice three or more of these signs, you might want to call a plumber to take a look. Don’t just go to bed and assume it will be better in the morning. An unexpected heavy rainfall during the night could make a mess you won’t want to clean up.

Although one or two of these could be caused by something else, these problems typically point to a septic tank that needs to be drained.

Unexplainable Bright Green Grass over the Tank

You might be really proud of your lawn, but if the grass over the septic tank is unexplainably green, you might have a problem.

Standing Water or Soggy Ground over the Tank

Standing water, particularly after a dry spell, could point to a septic tank drain field problem. Your septic tank could be full, leaking or backing up.

Foul Odors Near Drains or in the Area of the Soggy Ground

Foul odors coming from the soggy ground near the septic tank could be additional proof your septic tank is full or is backing up. Those same odors inside your house could indicate sewerage backup, poor ventilation or both.

Clogged Drains

When your shower, toilet, laundry room or kitchen sink has problems with clogging, it could be caused by several things. For one, the drainpipe going to the septic tank could be clogged, have a tree root growing through it or could be collapsed. Tree roots growing through a drainpipe are more common than most homeowners think.

Another reason could be that something too big to fit through the pipe is stuck in the drain, like a child’s toy. Feminine products or paper towels that mistakenly get flushed can also lead to a clog.

A Sewerage Backup

This problem is more severe than a clogged drain or water that slowly goes down in the toilet, shower or sink. This is when black sludge appears in the bottom of the shower, sink or toilet. This is one of the symptoms you do not want to sleep on because of the possibility of a heavy rain we spoke about earlier.

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