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A properly functioning septic tank should be undetectable. Failure to provide proper maintenance leads to unpleasant issues like overflowing or backed-up drains and horrible odors. At Absolute Best Plumbing, we recommend some easy measures you can take to preserve the health of your tank. It is normal not to think about what happens to your wastewater once you pull the plug, but good habits can prevent costly repair bills down the line.

Reduce Water Usage Where Possible

Running too much water through your septic tank overloads the system. Pushing a septic tank to deal with more water than its capacity allows does not give bacteria time to act on the solid matter. Flooding can occur in your drain field, which will become contaminated with waste.

It is easy to be conservative when using water without impacting your day-to-day life. Utilities like washing machines or dishwashers should only be run at full capacity. If you must use these devices before they are full, many modern appliances allow for adjustments to the water level.

When washing dishes or brushing your teeth, it is unnecessary to let the water run constantly. Instead, use water only when rinsing your brush or dishes. Similarly, taking quick showers reduces your water output and takes the pressure off a septic tank.

Pay Attention to What Goes Down the Drain

 Septic tanks are designed to process human waste and biodegradable toilet paper. Any other items cannot be broken down and lead to blockages, backups and costly repairs. Hair, sanitary products and diapers are key contributors to damaged septic tank systems.

Avoid putting food waste like eggshells, meat and coffee grounds down the drain. Fats and oils used in cooking should be disposed of in the garbage after use. These items stick to and clog the plumbing of your septic tank.

Never put chemicals like bleach or insecticides down the drain. These destroy the bacterial flora in your septic tank, preventing it from processing waste matter.

Have Your Tank Pumped Regularly

How often your tank needs pumped depends on capacity and how much waste it must process. As you cannot see inside your tank, it is impossible to determine how full it is. Regular pumping is the number one way to prevent backups and bad smells.

If you are experiencing issues with your septic tank, Absolute Best Plumbing is here in Orlando to help. Call our offices today to schedule an inspection.

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