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woman unclogging a sink in the kitchen

The most effective way to keep your home properly maintained and ready for anything is to keep regular checklists for maintenance duties, including the plumbing. Bringing in emergency help to fix a catastrophe is always more work and more money than keeping one step ahead. So, here are some plumbing issues to include on your spring plumbing checklist.

Kitchens Come First

A good place to start is the kitchen; it’s the busiest spot in the house. (The potential exception is next on the list.) Check out your sinks. Do you have strainers in each to prevent clogs? What about the faucets? Do they show evidence of leaks, drips or slowing? Check the pipes under the sink to ensure everything is dry and there are no leaks or wet spots.

Check the Bathroom

One of the worst places to have plumbing problems is in the bathroom. First, check the toilet to be sure everything is working. Next, look for cracks and leaks in the bowl and the tank. Finally, make sure nothing is rusted or broken. Now, see the water valve handle to the side? Check to make sure it turns easily. These supply valves aren’t used often, so they can get stuck in the open position – which is a hassle if you have a problem and need to shut off water to the toilet.

Check your sink and shower for leaks, drips or wet areas underneath. You may need to access your basement or crawl space to inspect underneath the tub and/or shower. Leaks here can be well-hidden, but cause serious damage underneath your home.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Do a good walk around any building with plumbing. Check the drains, gutters and downspouts. Make sure everything is cleaned out, and holes are repaired. Also, check outdoor faucets and any plumbing in your garage, workshop or other outbuildings.

As you go through your spring checklist, make sure you mark down all needed repairs. While some things are easy to do on your own, hiring a professional plumber can ensure the jobs get done right. You can never go wrong when you ask the experts to handle your plumbing issues.

Absolute Best Plumbing serves the Orlando and Central Florida area with over 100 years combined plumbing experience among its team. You can depend on us to fix your plumbing problem the right way, the first time. As you get ready for spring, keep our number handy so you can call us when you need us. Spring is springing all over. Are you ready? Call Absolute Best Plumbing now at (407) 930-7309.

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