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With the popularity of Chip and Joanna Gaines growing as a result of their house flipping show, everybody wants to get in on the piece of the American dream! Taking something that was worth virtually nothing, and giving it a new look, function and increased value is a common and worthy goal in our housing economy right now. According to, Florida is in the top ten states to turn a profit with house flipping.

The May 2018 article states that:

  • Average house listing price: $406,803
  • Average time to flip: 151 days
  • Average profit: $59,917
  • Average ROI: 83%

If you’re interested in, or currently flipping homes in Florida, don’t forget the increased value that a septic to sewer system conversion can have on your home. Not only will this type of conversion make it easier for you to maintain, but it will also be a more attractive feature to your potential buyers.

Higher Attraction = Higher Profits

If you are considering a septic to sewer conversion, let the plumbing professionals from Absolute Best Plumbing work hard for you to help you gain the most benefit from your investment. We will convert your system with the least amount of cost and disruption to your property.

Call Absolute Best Plumbing today to schedule a sewer installation or conversion today. We can professionally install your sewer system into a new construction, or help you gain value on your home with a septic to sewer conversion. Contact us today!

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