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A plumber turning his head away due to aodor from kitchen sink drain.

Do your drains smell bad? Odorous drains are a common plumbing issue with several potential causes. Some can be resolved with a simple home remedy, while others will require a professional plumber. Let’s review some likely causes and solutions to know if you need professional assistance.

Most Common Drain Odor Causes

There could be something rotting in the drain line or a blockage in your sewer line, causing odorous fumes and gasses to travel back up. The plumbing trap (p-trap) should block them from coming out.

Dry or Clogged P-Trap
The p-trap is a 180-degree bend in your drain line that traps water to prevent odors from passing through. If waste infiltrates the P-trap, it can no longer do its job. In addition, odors can escape from the line if the P-trap dries out (when a drain is not used for a long time, the water evaporates). Try running the water for a few seconds to refill the p-trap.

Bacteria and Gunk Buildup
Consider what goes down your drains: food, hair, grime and more. These things can get lodged and accumulate in the pipes, leading to bacteria and muck buildup. Therefore, cleaning your lines is essential for odor-less drains.

If oil or fat gets stuck in your kitchen sink drain, it can thicken and smell like rotten eggs. Therefore, never dump them down the drain. However, if you already have, you can pour two teaspoons of baking soda down the drain, followed by vinegar and hot water to clear the gunk.

Food in the Garbage Disposal
Rotting food scraps could be lodged in your garbage disposal. Throw a few slices of lemon, lime or orange down the waste disposal and turn it on with water flowing. The cleansing action of the citric acid in these fruits helps eliminate odors while also sanitizing the inside of your waste disposal.

Smelly Water
Sulfates in water can generate odors. If you suspect the water is the root cause, call Absolute Best Plumbing to inspect your water pipes and water quality.

Missing or Clogged Vent Pipes
Your pipes are connected to vent pipes that allow fresh air in and wastewater gas and stink out. Smelly drains might result from main stack obstructions or a lack of vent pipes.

How to Maintain Clean and Deodorized Drains

Do not wait until your drains are nasty to act. You can keep them clean and free-flowing with baking soda, salt and vinegar. The chemical combination of these ingredients has significant cleaning power, creating pressure to remove the filth.

In addition, keep hair out of the drain and avoid chemical drain cleaners because they can harm your plumbing system.

If the solutions above do not work, the problem is likely sewer line damage. Fortunately, Absolute Best Plumbing experts use cutting-edge technology to fix broken pipes and unclog drains. Let us help you breathe easy again. Book an appointment today.

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