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Having a septic system for your home has its pros and cons. In general, like most areas of life, the pros and cons balance each other out. Septic systems are becoming more popular as people are often moving out of large cities. Many residential suburbs do not offer municipal sewer services, and homeowners must choose a septic system to manage the wastewater from their homes.

The pros include:

  • Not having a pay monthly service fees
  • Causing less harm to the environment
  • Not having to worry about municipal sewer problems that can affect entire cities at a time

Of course, with every pro, there is a con. The cons for having a septic system include:

  • maintenance
  • taking more precautions for what you allow to go down your drains and toilets
  • the cost for maintenance and repair is all on you

Septic systems are ingenious systems. These systems require a septic tank to be buried on the property. The tank receives wastewater from toilets, drains, sinks, showers, and other drains within the property. Inside the tank, solid wastes settle down to the bottom of the tank, and oil and grease float to the top. Septic systems function naturally, but they do need to be maintained. It is recommended that the septic tank is pumped every 3 – 5 years to keep it working properly and to avoid messy overflows. Yet, it is important not to ignore your septic system in between pumpings.

The easiest way to help maintain your septic system’s functionality is to “feed” it regularly. Within every septic tank are trillions of bacteria that live and thrive by consuming and dissolving waste. However, laundry detergents, chemical cleaners, bleach, and other products sent down the drains kill “good” bacteria. In order for the septic tank bacteria to remain active and productive, you need to treat your septic tank. Adding “good” bacteria to your septic tank can help your system function properly and go longer between pumping services. You need to choose a septic tank treatment that is compatible with your system use it regularly.

For questions regarding what type of treatment to use, how often you should treat your septic system, or any other septic concerns, contact Absolute Best Plumbing today. We are a professional plumbing contractor serving commercial and residential clients throughout Central Florida.

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