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disposable wipes being flushed down a toilet where they can cause clogging and problems

Clogged toilets often result in a terrible mess, odor and hazardous situation in your home. Many catastrophic messes from clogged toilets are caused by items that should never be flushed down a toilet under any circumstances. How do you know what you should and should not flush? Here’s a handy guide to flushable and Unflushable materials.

Do NOT Flush These Items Down the Toilet

The following list of items are not flushable and will quickly clog your toilet:

  1. Diapers — These items quickly absorb moisture and can block sewer systems.
  2. Wipes – Baby or facial wipes are designed to clean and be durable, not to break down easily.
  3. Flushable wipes – These items are not really flushable despite the name. They do not break down quickly like toilet paper and cause serious clogs.
  4. Paper towels — These items absorb liquids and then harden instead of breaking down.
  5. Cotton balls, cosmetic pads and cotton swabs — These items clump together when wet and often gather in pipe bends.
  6. Dental Floss — This harmless little string can tangle around other debris and harden to cause blockages.
  7. Medications — Wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to break down medications, plus they can partially dissolve and mix with other substances to cause buildup in your plumbing.
  8. Medical Supplies — Bandages, needles, syringes and other medical supplies do not degrade and can easily block the plumbing.
  9. Rubber — Rubber or latex gloves and condoms do not break down in liquids, so they accumulate and cause blockages.
  10. Cat litter — Even the flushable type is super absorbent and clumps easily, clogging your pipes.
  11. Feminine Hygiene Products — Sanitary napkins, tampons and applicators are designed to absorb liquids and swell, not break down.
  12. Fats, oil and grease — FOG becomes solids as they cool, creating significant blockages and buildups in your home’s plumbing.
  13. Hair — Human and pet hair tangle with grease and soap scum, creating massive blockages.
  14. Food products — Homeowners frequently dispose of food items through the garbage disposal, but many things are not chopped up enough and do not degrade quickly enough to prevent blockages.
  15. Chemicals — Artificial chemicals are not designed to degrade in water, and wastewater treatment plants are not intended to eliminate these toxic substances.

What Can I Flush Down the Toilet?

Your toilet and sewage system is designed to handle two substances:

  • Bodily Waste
  • Toilet Paper

Both biodegrade quickly and can be safely flushed down the toilet for quick and sanitary disposal.

Anything else should be disposed of properly through the trash, recycling or other means to preserve your plumbing and prevent toilet clogs.

If your toilet becomes clogged and DIY methods (hot water or plunging) are ineffective, contact Orlando’s best Emergency Plumbers at Absolute Best Plumbing. Our specialists have the knowledge, equipment and experience to handle the worse clogs quickly and efficiently. Contact us by phone or online to schedule service.

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